surrender and go on the account, or feed the fishes

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This is a community for people who have an interest in, fetish for, and/or healthy obsession with, pirates. Your interest/fetish/obsession can be based on real-life pirates and their history, or on fictional pirates and the general idea of cool pirate clothes and slang. It cannot be based soley on Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, or any other actor who played a pirate in a movie. Their are other communities for you, and anyway, that's not actually pirate-related, when you think about it.

Pirates aren't picky about who becomes a pirate versus who doesn't - after all, the Jolly Roger means surrender, and therefore turning pirate, will be accepted. If this was a closed community, it would be called "No Quarter". It's not a rating community either, because as I said, pirates aren't picky. So, we'll welcome aboard anyone who can prove their loyalty as a pirate by filling out this list and putting their pirate name as the subject. See below for Pirate Name generators, or make up one. Embarassing or underly-piratical pirate names are subject to change based on the crew's decision. If you don't get all the words, we'll still take you, just be sure to get educated promptly.

Yer Pirate name:
Yer real name:
Be ye an old salt or a saucy wench?:
Where ye hail from:
What ye like about Pirates:
Yer understandin' of these words:
Ahoy -
Avast -
Aye -
Arrr! -
Savy -
Smartly -

Scurvy -
Cat o' Nine -
Port -
Starboard -
Crow's Nest -
Grog -

Results from one Pirate Quiz:
One picture relating to pirates (you must have created some element of this picture, even if it's just adding text):

Pirate name generators can be found at these fine sights:
http://gangstaname.com/pirate_name.php, http://www.froggynet.com/cgi-bin/pirate.cgi, http://www.stupidstuff.org/main/piratename.htm (tip: play with combinations of your first, second, and last names to gain the optimum pirate name).
If you have a little more time, you can take a quiz at:

The Code

  1. Try to use as much Pirate Slang as possible.
  2. Feel free to post as many pirate pictures/quiz results as you like.
  3. Feel free to educate us about real-life pirates, although use an lj-cut for long ones.
  4. Talk meaningless pirate jibberish just for the hell of it.
  5. Take nothing seriously.